Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok


Hi everyone! I hope you have all been doing well. I’m sorry that I’ve been gone for a while, I’ve just been super busy and just couldn’t find time to sit down and write a post.

But hey, here I am again because the other day I’ve seen the new Thor movie and I loved it! I just had to write a review because I loved it so much.

First of all let me just say one thing, apart from the Avengers movies, the Thor movies are my favorite Marvel movies. I’m just a super Loki fan, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, Loki is such a great character both in the Marvel universe but also in the Norse mythology. He has always been my favorite, but I was glad that this movie focused on Thor. (By the way, if you are looking for a good book about Norse mythology I suggest the one by Neil Gaiman, here is the link to my review of it).

Also, I think that the director Taika Waititi did an amazing job. I just love him he is just too pure for this world, and I love his sense of humor and his intelligence, man I could stay here and gush about him for hours.

So the main antagonist in this movie is Hela, Thor’s sister, who is played by the amazingly talented and gorgeous Cate Blanchette. (This part contains spoilers, you have been warned).
Basically what happens is that Thor and Loki get stuck on a planet called Sakaar, here they find Hulk who has been stuck there for two years, and they have to get out of there in order to save Asgard from Hela wrath.

There were some visually amazing scenes, especially the ones where Thor unleashed all his powers, I loved those scenes. For those who have seen the movie, I’m talking about the ones with “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin playing in the background.

One of the things I loved about the movie was Jeff Goldblum basically playing himself, that was hilarious. So yeah, I really enjoyed this movie I think that you will not be disappointed by it.

So, apart from this I just wanted to say that I may not write or post as often as I used to, but if something comes up like it has now, for example, I will definitely blog about it. About the books I might review next right now I’m reading a book called “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” which I’m really enjoying so far, it’s basically a book about the lives of some of the most amazing women in history, it’s really inspiring, I’m loving it. After this, I wanted to start either “The Idiot” or “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevsky.

This is it for now, as always if you want to let me know your opinions just write in the comment section below.

Book Review: “The Overcoat” and “The Nose” by Nikolai Gogol


Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing all right. Here I am once again with a book review. As I had promised in my last one, I’m going to talk about “The Overcoat” and “The Nose” by Nikolai Gogol.

This was my first book by Gogol and I absolutely loved it. They are both short stories but they are both meaningful and very deep in my opinion.

Let me start with “The Overcoat”, which is my favorite of the two. I guess the main character of the story, as the title suggests, is the overcoat that Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin, a rather poor government copyist, has to buy in order to keep himself warm during the cold St. Petersburg winter. Basically what happens is that Bashmachikin, a dedicated worker who is the subject of his coworker’s jokes for his overly used coat, takes his coat to the tailor to have it repaired but the tailor says that he needs to buy a new one. Since Bashmachikin lives a very basic life and does not have a lot of money he doesn’t really know what to do but, in the end, he finds a way to get the money he needs for his new overcoat.

Now I’m not going to reveal the ending because you have to read it, seriously, but somehow this story spoke a little bit to my heart. Probably because I could relate to Bashmachikin situation, which is what I really loved about this story because as I understand Gogol drew a lot from his personal experiences in order to write it.

This is a universal story, and it reminded me a little bit about Dostoyevsky’s “White Nights”. I think that it’s because both of these stories are about a feeling of isolation from the rest of society, and I think that everyone who ever felt alienated or alone will really love them. In fact, there’s a famous saying attributed to Dostoyevsky: “We all come out from Gogol’s Overcoat.”

This is my favorite quote from “The Overcoat”:

“And for a long time afterwards, even during his gayest moments, he would see that stooping figure with a bald patch in front, muttering pathetically: “Leave me alone, why do you have to torment me?” And in these piercing words he could hear the sound of others: “I am your brother.” The poor young man would bury his face in his hands and many times later in life shuddered at the thought of how brutal men could be and how the most refined manners and breeding often concealed the most savage coarseness, even, dear God, in someone universally recognized for his honesty and uprightness…” – Nikolai Gogol.

The other short story is called “The Nose”, and frankly, it’s one of the strangest stories I’ve ever read. It kind of funny, but it’s a very dark sense of humor I guess. It’s an absurd story about a man who basically loses his nose and has to go through a lot of tribulations to get it back to its place since the nose has decided to wander around the city.

It was really fun to read, I recommend it. Here’s my favorite quote:

“But nothing is permanent in this world. Joy in the second moment of its arrival is already less keen than in the first, is still fainter in the third, and finishes by coalescing with our normal mental state, just as the circles which the fall of a pebble forms on the surface of water, gradually die away.” –  Nikolai Gogol.

Now I just want to say something about Russian literature, in general: the more I read about it the more I love it. It’s so dark and twisted but also incredibly deep, it’s really amazing, I have no idea why I thought it was too hard to read I’m completely fascinated by it, and I recommend it to everyone.

As always if you want to tell me something about your thoughts let me know in the comments.

Book Review: The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin


Hi everyone! How have you been doing? Today I’d like to write about a book I finished recently. The book is called “The Queen of Spades” and it’s by the famous Russian author Alexander Pushkin. In the book edition that I got there was also another short story, also by him, called “The Shot”.

I really liked both of these short stories, particularly “The Queen of Spades” which is a story about a young officer, named Hermann, who watches other gamble but never play himself. One night one of his friends tells him the story of his grandmother, who a long time ago was able to win back the fortune she had lost at cards by using the secret of the tree winning cars. The countess never played again and Hermann becomes obsessed with learning the trick from her.

I’m not going to reveal the ending but I have to say it was quite unpredictable to me, I mean I thought it was going to end in a certain way and it ended in the opposite way. I really like Pushkin style so far, I find it easier than I expected it to be, yet it always kind of sophisticated, and it’s never boring. I highly recommend this short story.

The other one, “The shot” was the story of a retired soldier named Silvio, who seeks revenge against a man who disrespected him a long time ago.

I really liked this story as well, it was very short, even shorter than the first one but it was still entertaining. What I have found interesting is that, sadly, Pushkin life ended tragically in a duel, and I thought about what a sad set of circumstances had to take place in order for that end to happen. It’s such a shame that one of the greatest writers of all time had to die in such a way, I think of what more he could have done if things would have been different.

The next stories I will be reading next are two short stories by Gogol: The Overcoat and The Nose. I don’t think it will take me that long to finish them because they are very short as well, so expect a review in the next few days.

This is it for now, let me know in the comments if you have read these stories and what did you think about them, and also if you have any suggestion about what to read next, I not sure if I should start with some of the longer novels first, for example, I want to start reading “The Brothers Karamazov”, “The Idiot” and “Demons” by Dostoyevsky, “War and Peace” by Tolstoy, or if I should go for other short stories first, if you have any suggestion please let me know in the comments below, thanks.

I live you with my favorite quote from “The Queen of Spades” (if you haven’t read the story yet, let me warn you that it contains a spoiler):

“Lizaveta listened to him in terror. So all those passionate letters, those ardent desires, this bold obstinate pursuit—all this was not love! Money—that was what his soul yearned for! She could not satisfy his desire and make him happy! The poor girl had been nothing but the blind tool of a robber, of the murderer of her aged benefactress! … She wept bitter tears of agonized repentance. Hermann gazed at her in silence: his heart, too, was a prey to violent emotion, but neither the tears of the poor girl, nor the wonderful charm of her beauty, enhanced by her grief, could produce any impression upon his hardened soul. He felt no pricking of conscience at the thought of the dead old woman. One thing only grieved him: the irreparable loss of the secret from which he had expected to obtain great wealth.” Alexander Pushkin.

TV Show Review: The Handmaid’s Tale

thehandmaids tale

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to write about something I had promised you a while ago but I never actually did.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, in the post I explained that I started to read the book after I saw the TV show, and I promised to write a separate post for the show, but I never did. That was because even after I finished the book I waited before seeing the last episode because I didn’t really want the show to end.

Well, I finally decided to watch it last week, right before the Emmys, and as I imagined, I wasn’t disappointed. After reading the book and seeing the show I can honestly tell that I believe they did an amazing job. Just so you know there may be a few spoilers in this post, you have been warned, if you haven’t seen the show or read the book I suggest you do it, they are really interesting.

They added a few things in the show, but they did it in a way that made sense so I wasn’t bothered by it. All the actors were incredible even the ones that had small parts. I mean “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a story set in a very closed environment, there aren’t really that many characters and I really have to say that Elisabeth Moss did an incredible job as Offred. She is the main character, the whole story is told from her point of view, and I think Elisabeth nailed the performance, after watching the show, as I was reading the book, I couldn’t imagine a different Offred. The Emmy she received is so well deserved.

Speaking of Elisabeth Moss I think she is a tremendous actress I loved her in Mad Man and in Top of the Lake, she is so good at portraying badass female characters, I got nothing but love for her. Peggy’s evolution in Mad Man was something amazing to watch. And also in this part, she was amazing in portraying the very subtle way Offred shows her strength, for example when she looks at Serena Joy after she finds out she is pregnant, and tells her “Do you think I prayed for this?”, scenes like this one were the ones where we see the true strength of her character.

The whole season was so cool to watch but there were a few cool scenes in the finale that I really liked: the first one was when Offred is insulting Serena Joy in the car, that was so cool, another one was when she refused to throw the stone at Janine, that was a really powerful scene, and I also love the scene when Moira reunites with Luke, it was really touching, and finally the ending that was cool as well.

What about you guys? Have you seen the show or read the book? If you did, what did you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

After seeing the Emmys I started to watch Big Little Lies, I’ve only watched the first two episodes and so far I’m really digging it.

“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum, bitches.”



Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Hi everyone! How are you doing? Today I’m going to write about a movie I saw a couple of days ago: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”.

For some reason I waited a long time before seeing this movie, I kept reading around that the sequel wasn’t as good as the first movie, and since I loved the first Guardians so much I didn’t want to spoil it, I guess. After seeing the sequel the only question I have left is: What the hell was I thinking?

I thought it was amazing, and yes, it’s different from the first one, honestly, I don’t know which of the two I like best.

I love them both because they use a very particular sense of irony that never turns vulgar.

So yes, it was amazing seeing these incredibly fun characters back together again. The soundtrack was amazing, like in the previous movie. All the jokes were incredibly funny, I don’t remember the last time I laugh this hard during a movie.

As for the plot, the movie revolves around Quill this time around. I don’t want to reveal too much if you haven’t seen it yet, but we find out more about his character and his origins, let’s leave it at that. As for the other characters, my absolute favorites are Rocket, Drax and Groot, they are hilarious, I just love them so much, especially Drax.

Okay now let me tell what I have found particularly fascinating: in this age of visual effects, I always love when a character has special powers, or if those powers are represented in an interesting visual way. Now even in the last movie, there is a scene at the end where we see Yondu’s abilities and I loved that scene. In this movie there is even a bigger scene where we see him using his arrow and I freaking loved it, I just loved how they visually represented his powers.

The only character I like a little less than the others is Gamora, I find her incredibly annoying, and I don’t mean the actress because I like her, I guess I just can’t stand the character.

Well, anyway I really enjoyed it, I highly suggest you watch it, after seeing it I don’t know why I waited this long.

Now I can’t wait to see all of them back again for the next Avengers Movie. I have to say that I believe all those Marvel Movies that are coming out are always entertaining, some are better than others but they are always interesting. One movie that I have been looking forward to seeing is Thor Ragnarok. I can’t wait to see it.

Okay, so this is it for my review, have you guys seen this movie? What did you think about it? As always let me know in the comments your opinions.

Book Review: Teutoburgo by Valerio Massimo Manfredi


Hi everyone! I hope you guys are doing all right. Today I want to talk about a book I just finished reading. The book is called “Teutoburgo” and it’s from the Italian author Valerio Massimo Manfredi, I don’t know if the book has already been translated into English yet, I read the Italian version.

Overall I liked this book, I had never read anything by this author before and I enjoyed his style. This is a historical book that revolves around the famous Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, an event in Roman history that has always interested me. For those of you who don’t know what it was, basically, it was one of Rome’s greatest defeat. Three entire legions were destroyed by an anti-roman alliance, made up of different German tribes and led by Arminius, a prince from the Cherusci Tribe who was taken hostage in his youth and served in the Roman Army after receiving military education and the Roman citizenship.

Since I have found out about Arminius, a few years ago, I have always been fascinated by him. In fact, he fascinates me so much that I decided to use him as a character from in of my books. So, when I saw this book about the Teutoburg Battle at the library I immediately decided to pick it up.

The book is a fictionalized version of the events, it starts with Arminius and his brother getting captured by the Romans, as young boys, and it basically ends with (spoiler alert) Arminius death.

It basically covers that part of the story which led to this incredible battle, and then, of course, it covers the battle and the aftermath. The writer is also a historian and archeologist so his fictionalized version is pretty accurate historically. I saw that he has written a lot of other novels so I might check them out in the future, some of them look particularly interesting.

How about you guys? Have you heard of this battle before? Does anyone have some suggestions about books from this author? What do you think of him? And what do you think about historical book? As always, let me know in the comments.

Right now I just started another book by Pushkin and then I have a few more by other Russian authors but I’m always open to suggestions if you have some let me know in the comments below, until next time.

Tv Show Review: Game of Thrones 7×07


Hi everyone! Here I am with my weekly Game of Thrones Season 7 episode review.

This week episode was the epic season finale: “The dragon and the wolf”. I’m still processing it actually. There were a lot of things happening and it was an amazing episode in my humble opinion.

I don’t know how they can always top the previous episode, but this was one of the best seasons for me, all the episodes were amazing, and yes there is a feeling of speeding up a little because the show is coming to an end but nevertheless it was amazing.

There were just too many cool moments that it was hard for me to choose only a few, but I tried my best. As always this part may contain spoilers so read it after you have seen the episode. So for the last time, this year let’s get right to it. Here are my favorite moments:

– Brienne and The Hound

There were a few reunions in the first couple of scenes, there was Podrik and Tyrion’s for instance, but my favorite one was, of course, the one that involved The Hound. Now Brienne is the one that starts the conversation, she wants to apologize for nearly killing him, and the interaction was fun to watch, I loved how The Hound was proud of Arya and smiled when she told him that Arya didn’t need protection. I love the character development for Sandor Clegane, as I said before he is one of my favorite characters, even if he is kind of a minor character, I just love him. Brienne and Sandor are the official Stark-Girls Co-Parenting Team

– Now that’s an entrance

Of course, Dany had to come riding Drogon and make an entrance. I have to admit it was pretty awesome.

– The Dragonpit 

This scene was so cool to watch, all these major characters together, some for the first time ever. All the interactions were entertaining. Sandor confronting his brother, Euron being a pain in the ass, Jon refusing to lie, the look on Cersei’s face when she saw the wight. There was just a lot going on and I loved every minute of it.

– Lannister Family Reunion

Now I liked this scene because it was so full of emotions. The scenes with Tyrion and his family are always good, mostly thanks to Peter Dinklage who is an amazing actor and to all the other actors who play the Lannisters. You can tell that Jamie and Tyrion still love each other, and now that Jamie knows Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey, I think he has forgiven him for killing Tywin. The scene with Cersei and Tyrion was very powerful, and I can’t help but wonder what has Tyrion promised Cersei in order to convince her.

– “How do you plead, Lord Baelish?”

Okay, this was one of my favorite moments of the episode, as I said last week I didn’t understand the direction things were going back in Winterfell, and this week we finally saw the storyline wrapping up. Finally, someone confronted Littefinger, and I was so glad that is was Sansa doing it, my baby is all grown up, and I also loved that it was a Stark Kids Team combined action, with both Arya and Bran helping and somehow avenging what happened to their parents. I also loved the Ned Stark quote from the books: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

– The ship has sailed!

Another major moment was Dany and Jon steamy boat scene, Jonerys is finally here guys. It was a bit weird with Bran’s voice explaining how they are actually related but hey…. it’s Game of Thrones. And yeah I ship it. Also Rhaegar and Lyanna ❤ ❤ ❤

– Ice dragon

The ending was just a freaking epic moment. One of the things I love about this show it’s how it can alternate epic scene, such as this one, to more quiet scene where there is only dialogue, without ever appearing boring. So, in the end, you care about all the characters because you become invested in them. This scene with the dragon breathing freaking blue fire and tearing down the wall was epic. OMG, I’m dying to know what will happen I cannot wait.

This is the end of my Game of Thrones weekly review. I hope you have enjoyed it, and I hope you have loved this season such as I did. Please let me know in the comments below your thoughts about it what you think will happen next.

Tv Show Review: Game of Thrones 7×06

img rec

Hi everyone! Here I am again with my Game of Thrones Season 7 episode review.

This week episode was: “Beyond the Wall”. Okay so let me start off by saying that this was probably my favorite episode of the entire season, it was even better than episode 4, and that was such a good episode.

There were just so many cool scenes, I loved everything about it, especially the part beyond the wall, it was truly epic. I didn’t really like how they are developing Arya’s character, the scenes in Winterfell didn’t make a lot of sense for me. But anyway, in the end, it was a great episode. So let’s get to my favorite moments, as always if you haven’t seen the episode this may contain spoilers. Let’s start:

– Tormund and The Hound

Now as we see the Suicide Squad of Westeros in action, we see the various characters interact with each other, some for the first time ever. My favorite interaction was the one between Tormund and Sandor Clegane. I laugh hard when Tormund was talking about the giant babies he wanted to make with Brienne. And as always The Hound has some of the funniest lines in the show.

– Ser Jorah and Jon

This was another cool interaction. Jon was very close with Jorah’s father, Jeor, and I thought he did a very honorable thing when he offered to give Longclaw back to Jorah. I think that for Jorah what happened to him is still an open wound, I don’t think he has forgiven himself for bringing shame upon his family.

– Beric’s flaming sword

Now in this episode, we saw Beric Dondarrion in action a few times. Every time I thought it was just so cool to watch him swinging his flaming sword, it was just awesome watching him, the way he lights up the fire with his hand was so cool.

– The battle scene on the little island

This scene was a visually amazing, the way they were trapped on the little island in the middle of the lake, the battle, the special effects. All the characters fighting for life, it was just perfect.

– Fire and Blood

Now when Daenerys showed up with her dragons it was just epic! For the first time in the show, we have finally seen the dragons in action with the white walkers and it was super cool. When Viserion was shot down by the Night King my heart hurt.

– My queen

So yes, this scene was quite cool as well. I have to admit that I’m beginning to ship Dany and Jon, and him calling her his queen was awesome, also the way he didn’t want to let go of her hand.

– Viserion!

I was expecting this but seeing it was still amazing. Okay so now the Night King has a freaking Ice Dragon, what is going to happen? Is he going to spit ice? I need to know!

Okay, so this is it for this week. What did you guys think? Did you like it or not? Was it epic for you as it was for me? Did you like what they are doing with Arya? And what about what happened with the Night King? What did you think about that? Let me know in the comments below, see you next week.

Tv Show Review: Game of Thrones 7×05


Hi everyone! Here I am again with my weekly Game of Thrones Season 7 episode review.

This week episode was “Eastwatch”. A lot of things happened in this episode, including probably the most important reveal of the whole series, so let’s get right to it.

Now, in my opinion, last week’s episode was better, mostly thanks to the huge fight scene in the end, in this week’s episode we had a little less action but still we saw a great number of things. If you want to avoid spoilers don’t go any further, come back after you have seen the episode.

Here are my favorite moments:

– Mad Queen Daenerys

In the first part of the episode, we saw the aftermath of last week’s epic battle. We saw how much damage a dragon can do in an open field, and we saw Dany showing a little bit of her mad queen side when she burns alive Dickon and Randyll Tarly. Now I won’t miss Randyll, he was an asshole even in the books, but poor Dickon did not deserve to die like that. I really hope Dany will come to her senses.

– Targaryen blood

The scene when Drogon lets Jon pet him was super cool. We all know that Jon has Targaryen blood, and of course Dany and Jon don’t know this, so for them this was unexpected. I don’t know what is going to happen but I can’t wait to see if Jon is going to ride on one of those Dragons, perhaps Rhaegal, the one named after his father.

– Varys and Tyrion

I liked this scene because I really like Varys, and every scene with him is always interesting. He is such a cool character and he has some of the best lines of the show. I laugh when Tyrion asked: “So what does it say?”

– RIP meme

Gendry is back everyone! And this is the official end of the very famous meme. The writers even hint at it when Davos said “I thought you might still be rowing.” When Davos said he had things to do in flee bottom I wasn’t expecting this… I was so happy to see him again, and it was also cool to see him swinging the hammer.

– Gendry introducing himself to Jon

This was another fun scene, with Davos telling Gendry not to reveal right away who he is and Gendry ignoring him and introducing himself to Jon. It’s cool to see how much Gendry resembles his father and Jon resembles Ned (even though he is not his real father but he raised him all the same). Now a reunion I’m really looking forward to see is the one between Arya and Gendry.

– Sam ignoring Gilly

Okay so for me this was the most important moment of the episode, and of course Sam had to ignore Gilly. SO for the first time, we discover that Rheagar and Lyanna actually married, which means that Jon is not a bastard but he is real Targaryen and has an even higher claim to the Iron Throne than Daenerys. This was HUGE!

– Suicide Squad of Westeros

Okay, so this was actually my favorite moment because I got to see my absolute favorite character of the show: the Hound! I was hoping that the Brotherhood without Banners would stop in Winterfell before heading North but alas! I’m just going to have to wait for the reunion between the two Stark girls and the Hound. Anyways this scene was soo cool, I laugh when Tormund asked for Brienne, and seeing this random group of people going behind the wall was so epic!

This is it for this week. So what did you think of this week’s episode? Did you like it or not? What did you think about the ending and what do you think will happen next week? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below, this is all, for now, see you next week.

Tv Show Review: Game of Thrones 7×04


Hi everyone! As promised here’s my weekly Game of Thrones Season 7 episode review.

This episode, “The Spoils of War”, was epic in my humble opinion. There were a lot of things happening and frankly the last ten minutes were awesome.

This episode featured some of my favorite characters being badasses, there were some pretty epic Dany moments, some cool Arya moments, it was one of the best episodes so far. As always if you haven’t seen it yet, do not read any further, watch the episode and then come back here.

Let’s start:

Sansa and Arya scene

The two Stark girls have always been some of my favorite characters, especially Arya. They haven’t seen each other since season one and seeing them together in their home was something special.

Bran giving Arya the dagger

Also seeing Bran together with Arya was something awesome. Bran is being weird as in the other episodes, but somehow I think that Arya understands him better than Sansa. Also, I don’t think that him giving Arya the dagger was something to take lightly, Littefinger better watch his back.

Arya being a true badass

Now, this scene was epic for a number of reason:. Sansa watching from above and realizing that she is probably the only Stark without any particular skill, Littlefinger nod in the end, Arya’s moves and her being pretty much a badass kicking Brienne’s ass, Brienne being proud of her in the end and Arya’s smirk when she says: “No one.”

Dany and Jon cave scene

I liked this scene because it was clear that they liked each other, there’s a lot of chemistry between them (Missande clearly ships them as well) Among the signs on the wall I noticed that damn spiral again (What does it mean?!? Does anyone know?)

Jon, Davos and Missandei

This scene was funny, I really like Davos, he is the best. He always comes up with the funniest and most intense lines on the show, kind of like Bronn. These two actors are just amazing in my opinion. Also I think Davos is developing a crush on Missandei and it’s just fun to watch.

The last ten minutes

Now, this was THE scene of the whole episode. It was one of the best scenes of the whole show, it was truly epic. Finally seeing Drogon unleashed in all his glory was impressive to watch it was a joy for the eyes. Scenes like this one are the ones that really make this show great for me. I think they did an amazing job.

Tyrion and Jamie

This is what gave even more depth to the scene. Putting Tyrion there gave a different angle to the scene because we are kind of watching the events develop from Jamie’s and Bronn’s perspective. Now Tryion watching his people getting slaughter by Dany and the Dothraki and him wanting her to succeed but at the same time hoping that his brother, whom he loves, could save himself was truly emotional.

Okay so this was it for this week, these were some my favorite moments. What did you guys think? What were your favorite moments? Did you like the awesome battle scene of this week? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below, see you next week.